Director Colin Trevorrow Wants to Shoot 'Star Wars: Episode IX' in Space

Yes, Christopher Trevorrow is serious.

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How can Disney top Star Wars: The Force Awakens? It's North America's top grossing movie—ever. Director Colin Trevorrow has a plan. During a Sundance panel, Trevorrow, who's directing Star Wars: Episode IX, said he wants to shoot it in outer space. Yes, seriously.

"I asked the question, 'Is it possible for us to shoot IMAX film plates in actual space for Star Wars?" theJurassic Worlddirector said. "And I haven't gotten an answer yet, but they've shot IMAX in space."

Other directors chimed in to lessen the ridiculousness of the idea. Christopher Nolan said he planned to shoot Interstellar in space, but decided against it.

"Funny enough, we had that conversation with Interstellar,” the Dark Knight director said. "There's incredible footage from space now."

Trevorrow is taking his directing duties seriously.

"This is not a job or an assignment," he said in a statement after Disney announced he'd be directing Star Wars: Episode IX. "It is a seat at a campfire, surrounded by an extraordinary group of storytellers, filmmakers, artists and craftspeople. We've been charged with telling new stories for a younger generation because they deserve what we all had — a mythology to call their own. We will do this by channeling something George Lucas instilled in all of us: boundless creativity, pure invention and hope."

Star Wars: Episode IX will be released in 2019.

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