New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Wants You To Choose A Side

Are you #TeamIronman or #TeamCap?

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"United we stand" is the tagline that sparks the newest Captain America: Civil War trailer—that aired during Super Bowl 50. It's an action-packed sneak preview into the battle over the direction of The Avengers. In true Marvel fashion, there's a core conflict between Iron Man and Captain America.

Of course, they don't talk out their problems. They go to battle. Toward the end of the trailer, Iron Man says, "you chose the wrong side." It's unclear who Tony Starks is directing his venom at, but based on the comic, it's probably his new rival. The remaining Avengers are caught in the middle as the two titans prepare for war.

Marvel's latest epic hits theaters on May 6, so are you #TeamIronman or #TeamCaptain? Choose a side, and hope they're victorious.

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