Michael Moore Goes After Donald Trump: 'We Are All Muslim'

Hey Donald Trump, Michael Moore is trying to get #weareallmuslims trending.

Image via Michael Moore

Oh boy. Last night Michael Moore got upset at Donald Trump and, like every angsty teen in America, went on Facebook to vent. In the post, which also features a photo of him holding a "We Are All Muslim" sign outside the Trump Towers in Manhattan, Moore talks about the first time he met the GOP presidential candidate before ripping him apart—with limited success.

While the first bit of Moore's piece offers a pretty funny anecdote about the first time he met Trump, the real meat of the post is in his criticism of Trump's recent comments on Islam. Unfortunately there's something slightly off in Moore's rhetoric. While making good points about the United States no longer being a country of "angry white guys," statements like "We are all Muslims" miss the entire point of oppression. No, Moore, you are not Muslim. It's the same sort of problem as the people who hold "All Lives Matter" signs.

Anyway, at the end of his post, Moore links to his website and asks people to get #weareallmuslim trending by taking photos of themselves holding up signs with the phrase. He promises to post each photo and send them to Trump. Oy. 

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