Saoirse Ronan and the Women of 'SNL' Address Sexual Predators in "Welcome to Hell"

The music video talks about how women should deal with men who are sexual predators.

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In light of numerous stories on powerful men accused of sexual misconduct, Saoirse Ronan and the women of SNL put together a music video called “Welcome to Hell.”

The poppy, upbeat tune is in response to the accounts that have surfaced, reminding everyone that women have dealt with shitty men for a very long time. The lyrics talk about the proper precautions women are taking to be safe – some are extreme like carrying a “pink gun” while some are funnier like carrying your keys as a cat claw. It’s all to point out that women have had to keep their guard up from the beginning.

Leslie Jones also makes an important fact that women of color have more trouble with men than white women. It’s a music video that serves two purposes: to be humorous and informative.

You can watch the full video above.

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