Michael Che Plays Trumpémon Go and Looks for "Rare Minorities" at RNC in Funny ‘SNL’ Sketch

Watch ‘SNL' comedian Michael Che play Trumpémon Go and search for "rare minorities” at the RNC in this funny ‘SNL’ sketch.

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It's day three (though it feels like day 300) of the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, and there has been no shortage of conservative back-patting, use of the words "great again," and protests. What there don't seem to be a lot of, however, are people of color in attendance. Michael Che of Saturday Night Live was at the RNC parodying Pokémon go trying to catch "rare minorities" at the RNC.

Che opens the segment by saying he's at the RNC playing "America's hottest new mobile app where you have to catch the rarest creature of them all: minorities at the RNC. It's called Trumpémon Go. So as Trump would always say, let's round up some brown people!"

The SNL actor then walked around the convention with the app open, searching for anyone in attendance who wasn't white. "Man, there's no black people here?" Che says to himself before spotting an "old black dude." Soon after Che "catches" an Asian man and a "selfie stick black man."

While walking around the convention, Che stopped to ask a few white people if they could help him out on his mission. Walking up to two white women, Che asked: "You seen any rare minorities around? I mean you know, not obvious stuff. I caught a couple black ones." One of the women responded, "Um... I've seen some, I guess, Hawaiians."

The next person Che asked was a white guy who simply walked away after being asked if he'd seen any "rare minorities." Che then told the camera, "Everybody wants to keep their Trumpy minds to themselves, but I'm gonna catch 'em."

Che's last catch of the segment was a "cowbro," which apparently refers to a black man wearing a cowboy hat.

The Republican party and its presidential candidate Donald Trump are not very popular among people of color right now. A July 13 poll from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal showed that Trump only had 6 percent of the national vote from black voters. Earlier this week NBC News conducted another poll that found 80 percent of Latino voters hold a negative view of Trump.

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