This Week in Social Experimentation: Woman Gets Drunk in Public to See How Men React

A woman pretended to get drunk in public, then asked several men for help. The results are pretty chilling.

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We’ve had women walking down the sidewalk in the U.S. and New Zealand, with numerous parodies ranging from men to Jets fans. Now, we present the next iteration in “watch what happens” videos: a woman getting drunk in public.

The results are disturbing, to say the least.

Of the five men shown, four actively try to get this clearly intoxicated woman (who was acting, mind you) to go back to their house despite the fact that she asks for help getting a bus or cab. Nobody contacts anybody in a position of authority.

Obviously, this is a small sample size. One would hope that 80 percent of men are not like this, and they probably aren’t. But still, it’s pretty chilling to see people try to take advantage of somebody so clearly impaired.

[Ed. note: There's also the chance that the entire video's set up, even though it's totally believable.]

[via Daily Dot]

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