Watch the World’s Angriest Kid Destroy a Dollar Store

Try not to get a little jealous watching this video of a kid ripping apart a dollar store.

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This video’s narrator really puts it best: “Jit is crazy.”

It’s unclear what caused this young man to go berserk in this Dollar Store, but whatever it was, he had quite the destructive reaction. Jit did indeed “go HAM in this bitch,” as the narrator says, ripping items off the shelves, chucking cereal boxes, and pushing down displays.

Did the adult filming the video do anything to stop Jit? Of course not! Would you want to get in the way of this kid? As soon as he picks up the umbrella to use as a weapon, there’s absolutely no way anyone with a brain would get near him.

He’s like a tornado: just stay out of the way while he destroys everything in sight, and concern yourself only with cleaning up in his wake. To do otherwise is to risk serious injury, possibly death.

If we’re being totally honest here, hasn’t everybody dreamed of doing this? Just rampaging through a store with no regard for anything, ripping stuff off the shelves, and just seeing how much mayhem you can cause? Not going to lie, this video makes it look really fun.

[via Gawker]

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