Let’s Discuss the Time Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman (Very Briefly) Dated

Did you know that Nicole Kidman wanted to date Jimmy Fallon? Neither did he.

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She may have been on The Tonight Show to promote the little-discussed Paddington Bear, but Nicole Kidman had some much more interesting truth bombs to drop when it came to host Jimmy Fallon.

It seems that, some years ago, a mysterious mutual friend named Rick set Fallon and Kidman up on a blind date. Well, blind except for the part that both were already famous.

What ensued was apparently one of more ridiculously awkward dating encounters in recent memory. Fallon did not know when Brie cheese was, and was also unable to pick up on Kidman’s signals that she was kind of digging his whole “I’m not talking, I’m just going to turn on my Xbox” attitude.

Kidman also said that she thought at the time that Fallon might be gay, which kind of makes sense considering Nicole freaking Kidman was in his apartment and all he wanted to do was play video games.

[via Vulture]

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