Melissa McCarthy Gets Her Secret Agent on in the First Trailer for “Spy”

Melissa McCarthy attempts to become a secret agent in this first trailer for "Spy."


Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy love making movies together, whether it’s Bridesmaids, The Heat, or the inevitable casting of McCarthy in Ghostbusters. So naturally, when Feig signed on to helm an action comedy about a pencil-pusher-turned –secret agent, he turned to his frequent collaborator to play the lead role of Susan Cooper.

“It’s basically about a woman who’d gone through CIA training, being the sort of person in the CIA basement who talks a modern-day James Bond through his missions,” Feig told Collider last year. “And, when something happens to him, she is forced to go out into the field and do it herself. So, it’s basically her rediscovering her skill.”

The cast is loaded with big names, and if her rant about the scooter is any indication then McCarthy will be at her belligerent best. Ideally, we’re looking at a combination of her Bridesmaids and The Heat characters, especially when it comes to colorful language and affinity for sandwiches.

[via The Film Stage]

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