Kris Jenner Was Stalked, Hacked, and Impersonated

Kris Jenner was stalked, hacked, and impersonated in an attempt to ruin her and her family's life.

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Gawker has published the fully-detailed version of how Kris Jenner had her life thrown into disarray by an impersonator and a hacker, both of whom gained access to her iCloud and wreaked havoc on her personal affairs. The levels of deception are seemingly endless, and it’s perfectly OK to finish the story and still be confused.

The very, very simple version goes like this: a blogger named Jacky Jasper (a pseudonym) called Gawker trying to sell a tape of Kris Jenner going off on a racist rant. It wasn’t Jenner, but that was not clear initially. Jasper and his lawyer Darrick Angelone maintained that the tapes were real over many months, providing supporting evidence and claiming they had other offers. The tapes have been discredited, and the FBI arrested one person in connection with the case on Friday.

This is a gross oversimplification, though. There are twists, turns, and tons of ancillary characters. Kevin Hart even gets involved at one point. For the full story, head on over to Gawker.

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