Kris Jenner Romps in Mexico with New Boyfriend Corey Gamble

Kris Jenner went on a nice little vacation to Mexico with her new boyfriend. Who's the lucky man?

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Jenner/Kardashian family matriarch Kris Jenner is getting back into the dating scene in a big way, taking a quick romantic jaunt to Mexico with her new man Corey Gamble.

An insider says that “What started off as a friendship has turned romantic, but it's all very new,” an apt description of how approximately 95 percent of relationships begin. A separate source told E! that “Corey and Kris have been seeing each other for the past three weeks. He's a really great guy...He's so nice and a very responsible man. He doesn't drink or party. He is very caring about other people and generally just an all round good guy.”

Odds that this source is Gamble’s mother? Pretty high, right?

When they returned from their seaside jaunt down Mexico way, a source says everything was great at the Van Nuys airport. “They looked like a loved-up couple,” the source said. “In the brief time they were loading up luggage, Corey put his arm around Kris and she reached out to hold his hand.”

Arm wrapping? Hand holding? Sounds like wedding bells are in their future.

[via E!]

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