Kim Kardashian May Have Forgotten North in a Paris Hotel (Update)

Kim Kardashian may have forgotten a key accessory when leaving a Paris hotel: her daughter North.

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Everyone unintentionally leaves behind their keys, cell phone, or wallet from time to time. When you’re distracted and in a hurry, it’s easy to accidentally forget even the most important things.

So while it would be unfair to jump to conclusions, it seems like Kim Kardashian may have forgotten her baby daughter North inside a Paris hotel. At least, that’s what the video makes it seem like; as she arrives at the car, you can almost see the thought bubble pop out of her head that says “I know I’m forgetting something…”

Kim’s defense, however, is twofold. One is a simple truth that pretty much every parent will tell you: you’re going to forget your kid at some point. There was even a huge storyline devoted to it on Modern Family, which is basically the definitive parenting show of our generation.

The other possibility is raised by Necole Bitchie:

“There was this television special on the paparazzi and their relationship to the stars a few years ago, and it explained how celebs reps tip the paparazzi off to where they will be at. Paris Hilton would arrive to the same store three different times in one day with three different outfits to get photoed, so that she could be in the tabloids. The outfit changes increased her chances of landing multiple stories, so as crazy as it may sound, Kim may had every intention to walk out and get snapped without the baby, and then went back in to get the baby, for her second round of shots that included the child. It’s a very strategic business.”

So…did Kim actually leave her daughter alone in a hotel? She wasn’t carrying any luggage, so it would be hard to believe she was distracted by having to haul other stuff. While we may never know the truth, this much is for certain: North’s all-leather jumpsuit is amazing.

UPDATE: This phenomenon has made its way back to Kim and as you'd suspect, she's astounded anyone could think she'd forget her leather-clad baby:

So, there.


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