Jonah Hill's Apology Tour Finally Starts to Be Funny

Jonah Hill's appearance on "The Colbert Report" finally brought some levity to all his apologies this week.

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After stops on Howard Stern and The Tonight Show, Jonah Hill hit The Colbert Report last night as part of his 22 Jump Street promotional/homophobic slur apology tour.

After all the serious apologies and solemn promises of reform, last night we finally got some levity. Colbert started things off by addressing “the elephant in the room,” but it was not what you think:

It seems like we’re finally going to get back to business as usual with Hill, whose sincerity throughout this week has helped everyone collectively move on from his unfortunate outburst. With 22 Jump Street opening a week from tomorrow, it seems like the focus will soon shift back onto the movie and away from Hill’s off-screen incident.

[via THR]

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