“The Rewrite” Is So Hugh Grant It Hurts

Hugh Grant's "The Rewrite" looks exactly like every Hugh Grant movie there has ever been.

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That Hugh Grant, he’s such a rascal. Here in the trailer for his “new” movie The Rewrite, the bumbling Brit plays a character we’ve seen out of him before: a midly misogynistic, difficult has-been who slowly warms up and becomes a good person by the end of the movie.

Maybe it’s formulaic, but it also gets the job done every time. Marissa Tomei will co-star as his age-appropriate love interest who he bungles things up with (only to fix it later with his charm), another staple of Grant movies.

The Rewrite hits theaters on October 8, and teaches us perhaps the most enduring lesson of all-time: “love can be an education.”

[via Vulture]

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