Gary Oldman Gets His Own Death Montage on “Conan”

Move over, Sean Bean; Gary Oldman now has his own death montage thanks to the good people at "Conan."


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First, we had the Sean Bean death montage. Now, Gary Oldman is getting in on the action.

Oldman has perished 17 different times in his movies, and as a guest last night on Conan he was honored by being shown a montage of all of them. We have to say, it was a little disconcerting how much he seemed to actively enjoy watching himself die on screen, although at least he’s got a good sense of humor about it.

Some of them are pretty innocuous, but others (the wild boars in Hannibal, the gunshot to the groin in True Romance) are positively brutal. Still, our favorite will always be Air Force One. You’re never beating “get off my plane,” ever.

[via UPROXX]

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