Let My Christian Bale Go: Here’s the Full Trailer for “Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Christian Bale is very white for an Egyptian slave in this trailer for "Exodus: Gods and Kings."


Christian Bale is a brooding, short-haired Moses. Joel Edgerton is the slightly effeminate but also very muscular Ramses. Ridley Scott is directing what looks like may be a four hour marathon event.

Yes, it’s the first full trailer for Exodus: Gods and Kings, which details Moses’ liberation of Egyptian slaves and the deadly plagues descended upon Pharaoh and his countrymen. Scott’s movies since Gladiator all have a common thread: they are all somewhere between “decent” and “OK,” and they’re all 30 minutes too long.

If this nearly three minute trailer is any indication, it sounds like we’re going to get the same thing when the movie is released on December 12.

[via Jezebel]

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