Want to Know What Filming a Sex Scene Looks Like? Let Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson Show You

Even two very good-looking people (Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson) can't make filming a sex scene look hot.

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There’s nothing that screams “romance” quite like a makeup artist zooming in between takes to spray fake sweat out of a can onto your back.

At least that’s what we learn in this clip from Stretch starring Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker. Director Joe Carnahan offered a sneak peak at how unsexy filming sex scenes is, hammering home his point by yelling “great f**king” after a particularly inspired take, as if he were some sort of proud parent cheering on his child.

The real lesson here: Brooklyn Decker is a real pro. She handled lifting Patrick Wilson’s “it” with the grace and composure befitting of a veteran actress, allowing everyone to truly enjoy a cripplingly awkward moment of levity.

[via Bustle]

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