Brian Williams Breaks Down "The Bachelorette"

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams is a big fan of "The Bachelorette," providing Seth Meyers with a breakdown last night.

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“Opportunities as a homemaker in Iowa? Hello red flag!”

Preach, Brian Williams, preach.

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the NBC Nightly Newsanchor discussed his love of The Bachelorette and offered up some of his thoughts and opinions on the show. Among his most poignant observations:

  • “We have nicknames fort them all, not all of them are suitable for family viewing even at this hour.”
  • “Andi, we’re with you.”
  • “Why do they have to hold [the roses] like they’re playing darts in a bar in Scotland?”

For more of Williams’ hilarious insights, check out the full interview above.

[via UPROXX]

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