Zach Galifianakis and Puff Daddy Become Hero and Villain During Fight on TV Show

Zach Galifianakis fights Puff Daddy during TV show.

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Aside from clowning around in FX series BasketsZach Galifianakis is an executive producer for The Chris Gethard Show. The show, which currently airs on Fusion, started out as a live comedy show that even in its early beginnings saw starry guests like Puff Daddy, then going by Diddy. In a surprise appearance Puff made his return to The Chris Gethard Show (in an episode that airs tonight) and subsequently got into a fight with Galifianakis. Here's how the highly entertaining fight went down. 

As previously mentioned Puff Daddy went on The Chris Gethard Show in 2011 Uproxxreports. Ever since then the show's been trying to schedule Puff again, even trying to lure him by building a permanent "Diddy door" on the show's set Gethard said in an interview with Noisey. Gethard also revealed Puff was the only one who had a key to the fully functional door. 

Puff made his grand return when Gethard announced there were no guests for the show. But just as Puff swooped in Galifianakis called in to "save the show." That's when the Bad Boy for life channeled his good side to assume his superhero alter ego Blackman. 

"Zach no one interrupts Blackman saving the day!" Puff Daddy shouted on his feet with his chest puffed out. From there the fight grew with Blackman threatening Galifianakis: "You’re lucky I can't fly to you right now." Galifianakis stood his ground though later countering, "You meet me in Kansas City!" 

Gethard, who calls Puff Daddy one of the best improvisers he's seen, talked to Noisey about the fight saying, "You'll watch it and think there are elements that clearly aren't real, but I promise you there are also aspects of it that are far more real than I can explain."

Watch the fight above.

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