Weekend Reading: Joaquin Phoenix Gets Back on Hollywood's Good Side

Get an intimate look Joaquin Phoenix's peculiar road back into the film community's favor, and more.

Image via Annapurna Pictures

Joaquin Phoenix’s starring role in writer-director Spike Jonze's Her is receiving tons of critical acclaim and may be his ticket back onto Hollywood’s good side. In L.A. Weekly’s profile of Phoenix, reporter Amy Nicholson talks to the actor about his latest role and his entire career, including the near career-ending mockumentary I’m Still Here.

Joss Whedon’s genius was showing even before the megahit The Avengers. Back in the late 90s there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that’s as remembered for its heroine as it is for its villains. Check out Vulture’s Jennifer Vineyard's oral history of Buffy's trio of nerdy villains.

The Marvel movie universe just keeps expanding with each new, financially robust movie. The latest one announced is Ant-Man, set to star Paul Rudd. Indiewire’s Gabe Toro explains why Marvel’s plan to interweave heroes throughout different film franchises will turn off audiences and ruin movies.

Sundance’s The Returned is one of the best international TV shows to make its way onto American TV screens. Indiewire's Alison Willmore discusses the increasing popularity of international TV shows.

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