Tim Burton Is Directing a Live-Action Remake of "Dumbo"

Because one remake wasn't enough.

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Disney has hit the jackpot with live-action versions of films such as Alice and Wonderland, which has a sequel on the way, and will presumably strike gold again when it releases Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Not ones to miss a chance on milking an idea for all that it’s worth it’s also giving Dumbo a live-action remake, to be directed by Tim Burton. If like me you haven’t watched the 1941 beloved children’s movie, it stars an animated elephant who gets ridiculed for his large ears. Is it too early to guess what role Johnny Depp will play in the film? 

Until then, enjoy some people's reactions to the directing news:


Tim Burton's Dumbo sounds cool and all but do you have something in a David Fincher's Bambi?

— Scott Weinberg (@scottEmovienerd) March 10, 2015


I'd like to imagine Tim Burton is currently watching this, in prep for his sure-to-be-creepy live-action DUMBO: pic.twitter.com/qUJ1Remvza

— Matt Barone (@MBarone) March 10, 2015

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