The Best Criminal Families in TV History

Because crime that runs in the fam can always make for some great TV.


Hustle, hard work, not to mention a few dead bodies, paved the way for the success of these criminal families. Although some families are seen being the best at their craft from the beginning, others are forced to claw their way to the top. All of them, however, from The Sopranos, to The Whites, to The Codys of TNT’s upcoming Animal Kingdom, face a fight to stay on top. Besides being forced to confront rivals along the way, these families face the law, even their own blood, and in doing so paint a portrait so dysfunctional you’ll likely feel better about your own family.

Here are The Best Criminal Families in TV History.


Weeds—The Botwin Family

Peaky Blinders—The Shelby Family

Boardwalk Empire—The Thompson Family

Sons of Anarchy—The Teller-Morrow Family

The Wire—The Barksdale Family

Breaking Bad—The White Family

The Sopranos—The Soprano Family

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