Sarah Silverman Brought a Vaporizer to the Emmys

Sarah Silverman showed off her THC Vape on the Emmys red carpet.

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The E! pre-show red carpet is usually a gag-worthy spectacle filled with terrible things like the humiliating "mani-cam," but today's carpet proved different thanks to Sarah Silverman and a vaporizer pen.

Silverman gave us this golden moment during her interview with E!'s Giuliana Rancic. Because the contents of Silverman's clutch (purse) were of utter importance, Rancic had to pull 'em out on national television when suddenly Silverman rolled out her vaporizer pen and called it her "liquid pot" making Rancic awkward. 

Award shows are notoriously long and generally boring, so can ya blame Silverman for spicing things up?

​Here's Silverman talking about her trusty Awards show friend on NBC:

[via Buzzfeed/TIME]

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