Oliver Stone Snaps on Twitter, Blames Ukraine Revolution on the CIA

Oliver Stone tries to spread truthiness.

Image via collider.com

Theres always that one relative over on the holidaysthe one you try to avoidwho has a little too much eggnog and begins to rant about politics, which is fine, except when you’re director Oliver Stone and do it in a public forum for the world to see as he just did, blaming the CIA for Ukraine’s revolution. 

He took to his Twitter, and Facebook, to say how he believed the CIA directly caused  Ukraine’s protests, saying it “smells of CIA,” which led to former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych stepping down after receiving threats from protesters. A move that will reportedly be explored in a documentary he has decided to do on the ex-president following his upcoming film on Edward Snowden


Stone held the U.S. responsible for the fatal protests, comparing the CIA’s involvement to former president Bush’s in Iraq during his quest to search and destroy weapons of mass destruction. He also added 




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