James Woods Hits Twitter, Blames “Disgusting Pig” Al Sharpton for NYPD Killings

He also blames NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio.

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Blame for the killings of two NYPD officers over the weekend, apparently an act of retaliation for the Eric Garner and Mike Brown killings, has so far been placed on protesters, for reportedly creating a hostile environment towards police, NYC mayor Bill DeBlasio, for allowing the protests to ensue, and in the case of actor James Woods, Al Sharpton for being Al Sharpton.

Woods went on a Twitter rant over the weekend condemning Sharpton calling him a “disgusting pig” who he said is, “directly responsible for the murder of two good policemen,” accusing Sharpton of leading protesters in an anti-police sentiment. Woods also placed the blame on DeBlasio and Barack Obama, calling them out for not supporting police, before advocating that police turn their backs on DeBlasio. You can see some of Woods tweets below:





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