Ticketmaster Teams With Facebook For Social Concertgoing

Sit next to your friends even if they didn't want you to.

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If concerts weren’t social enough, they’re about to get more so. Ticketmaster and Facebook are teaming up to provide users with a service that tells them if their friends are attending a concert and where they are seated if so.

The program works after connecting Ticketmaster with your Facebook information. Then, you can browse concert events and use interactive venue maps to tag your seats or search for your friends’ seat tags. You can even buy tickets directly next to your friends (if for some reason they weren’t planning on going to the show with you in the first place). The feature is only available at 300 venues currently.

You do have to wonder just how many artists this will be practical for, though, and in what way. Justin Bieber and his crowd, sure, makes sense—middle school pettiness and strategic placement based on jealousy, etc. But I almost saw a fight break out at a Mobb Deep show a few years back, and it would have been nice to have known the physical attributes of concertgoers so I knew who to make friends with before the punches started flying.

[via Engadget]

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