PROMO: 5 Rum Cocktails Everyone Should Know How to Make

Five essential drink recipes for any occasion. It's time to Release the Kraken.

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If your primary exposure to rum consists of watered-down cuba libres, then buddy, you are missing out. But fear not. We've got you covered. Here are five essential rum-based cocktails to broaden your tastes with one of the most versatile spirits there is. They're all very easy to make, and even more delightful to drink. Bottom's up. 

1) The Kraken Storm - This meteorological mixture combines Kraken Black Spiced Rum and ginger beer. Fill a highball glass with ice, then pour in your 2 parts Kraken and 4 parts ginger beer. Feel free to garnish with a lime, or even squeeze a little lime juice atop the ice before adding the other ingredients. Then sit back, sip it down, and wait for the lightning bolts to strike. 

2) The Kraken Coffee - Think of it as a Caribbean twist on an Irish coffee. Pour in one cup of your finest coffee (served hot). Stir in two parts Kraken Black Spiced Rum, one part Irish liqueur, and one part Kahlua. Top it all off with some whipped cream, and you've got a beverage that will keep you toasty in a myriad of ways. 

3) The Black Mojito - A spiced-up version of the old favorite, this drink will keep you refreshed on any warm day. Start by combining fresh mint leaves and freshly sliced ginger to your empty glass. Add in one to two jiggers of simple syrup (depending on your taste preference) and muddle all three together. You can buy pre-made simple syrup or make your own*. Add ice to your glass and pour in one part Kraken Black Spiced Rum and one part club soda. Stir freely, garnish with more fresh mint, and drink it down. 

4) Buttery Kraken - For those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth, this concoction combines equal parts Kraken Black Spiced Rum and butterscotch schnapps over ice, then tops it off with a splash of your favorite cola. It's a sweet treat with some real kick behind it. 

5) The Kraken Black - This lovely libation features three delectable ingredients of the darker variety: Kraken Black Spiced Rum, Kahlua, and Guinness. Combine two parts Kraken to one part Kahlua and then fill your glass with Guinness the rest of the way. It's a Caribbean/Mexican/Irish flavor explosion from the delicious dark side.

 *To make your own simple syrup, combine one cup of water and one cup of sugar in a sauce pan and heat up just to the point where the sugar dissolves; then cool.

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