Report: Freddie Gray's Neck Was Broken in the Van, Not During His Arrest

The other prisoner that was in the van with Freddie Gray says the story about Gray injuring himself is an exaggeration.


Baltimore ABC affiliate WJLA reports that an investigation has found that Freddie Gray sustained his fatal injury while he was in the back of that police van, and not during his arrest. 

According to an unnamed source, the medical examiner found that the fatal injury happened when Gray slammed into the back of the van, breaking his neck. An injury on Gray's head reportedly matches a bolt inside the van. 

Exactly how Gray was slammed around in the back of that van is unclear. Doctors have previously said that it would take a force similar to a car crash to do that kind of damage to Gray's spine. 

Meanwhile, Donta Allen, the other prisoner who was in the police van with Gray, is calling B.S. on the story told in a leaked Baltimore police report that refers to him. Allen broke his silence by granting an interview to CBS Baltimore to "set the record straight."

The police report that was published in the Washington Post said that Allen told police Gray was intentionally trying to injure himself in the back of the van, but while Allen says he did hear "a little banging," he claims he didn't say anything about Gray trying to seriously hurt himself. The men were separated by a metal partition.

“They trying to make it seem like I told them that, I made it like Freddie Gray did that to himself,” Allen said. “Why the f--k would he do that to himself?” 


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