Check Out "Knocc 'Em Down", Snoop Dogg's New Track for "Tekken Tag Tournament 2"

Snoop Dogg is the king in the next "Tekken Tag Tournament".

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Snoop Dogg is in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. He's got his own level: Snoop sits on a gold throne in the background surrounded by ladies. It's... pretty awesome. Tekken players who pre-order the game get "early access" to the level, which means it should be available as free DLC eventually.

In exchange for the honor, Snoop wrote a song about the game. "Knocc 'em Down" is the track, and it plays in the background whenever you throw down in Snoop's signature stage. The video's got footage of the game and Snoop's golden palace level in there, if you want to see them for yourself.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits stores September 10th.

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