Buy It Now: Incase Convertible Magazine Jacket for iPad

Need to protect your Apple tablet? Check out this slim, but durable option.

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Mark Zuckerberg may not consider the iPad a "mobile device," but we sure do. We take it everywhere—even to places we probably shouldn't. And the only reason we feel comfortable lugging around the glass-faced $600 device is because it's covered by a case to protect it from scratches, nicks, and dings. If you have one, you should, too. We recommend the all-new Incase Convertible Magazine Jacket. Similar to Incase's Convertible Book Jacket, the Convertible Magazine is much slimmer and much lighter. It's akin to Apple's iPad case, but it's more durable, thanks to a snap-on "hardshell" back. More than a case, it doubles as a dual-position stand, allowing you to fold the front cover to prop it up for easy typing or easy viewing of movies, web pages, and whatever you're looking at. Portable versatility. Just like the iPad.

Click Here to Buy It Now at Incase, $50


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