Breaking Down "Breaking Bad" With Slim Thug

The Houston rapper begins his weekly column reviewing the meth-cooking AMC series, a.k.a. "the best show he's ever seen."

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Happen to be a fan of the AMC show Breaking Bad? You're not alone. We've been down with the series (about a high school chemistry teacher who's diagnosed with cancer and goes into the crystal meth cooking business with a student to provide money for his family after he dies) since jump, and it turns out one of our favorite rappers, Slim Thug a.k.a. The Big Boss of the Nawth, is too. So much so, in fact, that he's going to be our regular Breaking Bad columnist.

Each week, Slim will break down the week's episode, and provide the exclusive Slim Thugga Breaking Bad Thuggin' Index detailing how realistic the dealings on the episode were. If you don't know, catch up with our guide to the first two seasons, then check Slim's synopsis and Thuggin' Index after the jump.

THE SYNOPSIS: The beginning of the show went back to the first season when Walt still didn't have stuff. It showed when they bought the RV, the RV is what they be using to cook the meth at. They showed when they was first in the RV and Walt gave him his life savings to actually buy the RV but he went to the strip club and was spending money on the strippers. He gave him like $3000 to buy the RV, but he ended up spending most of it so he ended up with $1400. So Jesse got his homeboy's attention and was like, "Yo I got to buy a RV with this. My teacher blackmailing me, if I don't buy the RV and hook up with him, he's going to turn me in to his brother-in-law who is a DEA agent." So his friend said, "Hey man, I could hook you up with a RV for $1400." So he was like, "Cool." But the friend ended up stealing his momma's RV and gave it to Jesse, no paperwork or nothing. And he gave him the money. But Jesse didn't know he was stealing it. He just thought he could sell him one. So in the end of the day this is what happened, they got different scenarios. They did that to show that Walt's brother-in-law who is a DEA agent was looking for whoever selling this good grain of crystal meth. But the only way they know is off an ATM machine in the last episode.

The brother-in-law is looking for whoever selling the crystal meth or whatever but it's actually Walt and the student because they got the best crystal meth. What they tryna do is locate this RV, the brother-in-law is trying to find it. So they finally locate the RV and they go to Jesse's friend's house. Their like, "Where's the RV?" But his mother says, "It was stolen like three years ago. I didn't report it stolen because my son stole it." But in the season we at now, his friend just got killed on the last episode or whatever. So the agent walks in the house and looks around. He sees a picture of him and Jesse together. So now, going into the next episode I guess he's going to be looking for Jesse.

What's going on right now is Walt's wife is cheating on him with her boss. She telling the counselor everything, like, "My husband sells crystal meth. He won't leave. I tried to leave him but he won't leave for nothing. He know I'm sleeping with my boss but it doesn't matter. He's still staying." And finally in the last episode, at the end of the episode, Walt finally found the divorce papers. He was like, "If you want me to leave, I'll leave."

On another end, Walt and his old student who he used to sell the meth with, his name is Jesse, the two of them are kind of breaking apart and not really seeing eye to eye on the business side of things. Walt is starting to try and branch out and do his own thing with the black dude with glasses, Gus. He's a big time crystal meth dealer and he want Walt to cook for him. So he showed Walt a brand new lab where he could cook a mass amount of crystal meth or whatever. And Walt is just a chemistry teacher, so he just love to see that. He's just crazy about chemistry or whatever but he don't want to do wrong. But at the same time he wants to be able to hustle and get money for his family because he's going to die because of cancer. So he introduced him to the lab and he finally agreed to cook the stuff for the dude and the dude gonna give him $3 million dollars if he give him three months of his time. The black dude was like, "If you give me three months of your time, I'ma give you $3 million dollars cash. All I need you to do is come up here on your hours and cook this crystal meth. All I'm asking is that you give me 200 pounds a week. I don't care how long you work, as long as you meet our quota." That's what's going on Walt's life.

With Jesse, he start trying to cook for himself because on the last episode Walt was like, "I don't want to try to sell crystal meth no more." So he's trying to use Walt's formula for the crystal meth but it wasn't as good. So he's trying to cook for himself. In the beginning of the last episode, he actually sold some to the same black dude that Walt is working with. They was like, "It was alright but we want the best stuff and we know you cook it." They paid him for it or whatever but they didn't give Jesse all of his money, they gave Jesse half of the money and they gave Walt half of the money because that's how they knew them to be working as partners. And they didn't want no problems, they didn't want them to stop cooking. So what happened in the end of the last episode was Walt came to meet with the lawyer who hooked him up with the black dude. Walt walked in and gave Jesse back his money. He said, "Hey man, I'ma give you this money. That's your money. But don't use my formula no more. From now on, you out and I'm in. I'm dealing with this black dude, I'ma cook for him. That's what it is. We not working together no more." So Jesse mad and threw a brick through Walt's windshield. So that's how it ended with them.

IS $3 MILLION REALISTIC FOR WHAT WALT IS DOING? "If they was actually getting that much crystal meth, then he is making a killing. He's making way more $3 million. If it was actually possible to cook at that status, that much crystal meth, with that quality? Nobody can touch the crystal meth formula he got. So $3 million is nothing compared to what he gon' make off the actual crystal meth
WHAT TO LOOK FOR NEXT WEEK: It's fitna to be a lot of changing. First with Walt, he stopped selling but now he's gonna start cooking. I want to see with Jesse with the police coming on to him, I want to see if he's going to get caught and snitch on Walt. I want to see what his wife will do about the divorce now that he signed the papers. Is she going to turn him in? Because she telling her counselor and her brother is the one who's a DEA agent. So all she got to do is be like, "Walt is the one whose selling the crystal meth, he's the one you're looking for."


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