"Attack The Block" Lead John Boyega To Star In HBO's "Da Brick"

As long as the British Boyega can pull off a convincing Jersey accent, this seems like pitch-perfect casting.


If you happened to catch a screening of Joe Cornish's Attack The Block this summer, you probably were captivated by the screen presence of John Boyega. The British bad boy who played "Moses" in the sci-fi mash-up has been on the minds and mouths of everyone since his star-turning role. Now, after having a guest role in Law & Order: UK, the kid is ready knockout America with his talent, as he'll play "Donnie" in HBO's Da Brick.

The new series will center around his character in modern-day Newark, New Jersey, after his subsequent release from juvie hall on his 18th birthday. The focus will deal mainly with larger issues that Donnie has to endure in a supposedly "post-racial America," and will be a fictionalized telling of Mike Tyson's youth. Stepping into the ring with Boyega will be Julito McCullum (The Wire), who plays his best friend Kevin, Milauna Jemai (NCIS) who portrays his mother Lynette, and Kamahl Naiqui Palmer (Gossip Girls) who is set as Malik, the moral center of Donnie's gang of brothers. 

Spike Lee is set to direct the pilot episode from a script by The Three Kings' John Ridley. Entourage creator Doug Ellin, Ridley, Lee, and Jim Lefkowitz will be executive producing the show. While the role does require boxing skills, Blockheadz are already familiar with Boyega's combat set from watching Attack The Block. When we get a confirmed release date, we'll let you know when to get your ringside seat.

[via Deadline/THR]

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