Things Get Weird When Lil Debbie and Awkwafina Hang Out In a Deli

Rappers Lil Debbie and Awkwafina star in a new talk show called TAWK to discuss music, weed and Neo-Nazi tattoos.

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What happens when two female rappers come together for a talk show in a deli? Amazingness. Lots and lots of amazingness. 

That is the premise behind TAWK, a new talk show hosted by New York rapper, Awkwafina. The show features everyone from celebrities and chefs to internet sensations, who engage in awkward conversations with the lady lyricist inside a Brooklyn deli. Her first guest is none other than California rapper, Lil Debbie

From questions about brunch, the struggles of texting with long nails and Awkwafina’s accidental Neo-Nazi tattoo, the banter is entertaining enough to watch whether you’re partial to their music or not. See for yourself in the above episode as they discuss Debbie's new EP Homegrown, about what else? Weed. Something both girls can come together on.

This may be the new style of talk show and we're not mad at it. 

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