Kim Kardashian Got $500K for Posting Controversial Morning Sickness Pill Ads on Her IG

The reality TV star received criticism after she promoted a controversial morning sickness pill on Instagram. Despite the controversy, sales of the drug increased by 21 percent.

Everything Kim Kardashian touches seemingly turns to gold—even if it’s a controversial pharma company that has been accused of hawking dangerous pregnancy medication.

According to a business contract obtained by STAT, Kim received half a million dollars from Duchesnay USA, after she shared an Instagram post promoting the company’s morning sickness pill Diclegis. The 2015 ad garnered heavy backlash, as the caption failed to disclose potential side effects or the fact that the pill was rebranded after it was previously pulled from the market for allegedly causing birth defects. Kim eventually deleted the initial sponsored post, and replaced it with one that included detailed information.

But despite all the controversy, STAT reports Duchesnay saw a 21 percent increase in Diclegis sales just months after Kim promoted it; which, to be honest, isn’t too surprising considering she has about 114 million followers on the platform.

Kim continued to work with the company in 2017, posting multiple Instagram ads with long-winded, explanatory captions:

Though many assumed Kim had learned her lesson about promoting medication, the mother of three found herself in more hot water earlier this year after she posted another vague ad promoting the Bonjesta morning sickness pill. Kim ultimately deleted the initial post just hours after it went up, and replaced it with another ad that laid out all risks and potential side effects.

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