Courvoisier Presents: The Best Cognac Cocktails for Winter

Since it's still freezing outside in the northeast parts of the country, try these cocktails made with Courvoisier to take the edge off.

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You might not think that Courvoisier, or cognac in general, would be good for any other drink than on-the-rocks. Think again.

You don't have to hang out in a drafty manor or private, wood-paneled bar to enjoy these cocktail recipes, though you're certainly welcome to. For example, Courvoisier mixed with grapefruit juice, amaro (an Italian liqueur), agave nectar, and bitters is an excellent concoction for a brunch in the middle of winter. 

Cognac is also a good substitute to turn a summer drink into one better suited for colder weather. A "cognito" is just your standard mojito with cognac in place of rum—served in a Collins glass, it feels more substantial than the old summer favorite.

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