Well Rounded: Complex News + Niykee Heaton on DMs, Buffet Etiquette, and Self-Directed Music Videos

Complex News discusses DMs, food and self-directed music videos with Niykee Heaton.

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The Internet moves at a blistering pace, leaving stories that deserve further investigation to be buried by other headlines and eventually forgotten. Well today, we're slowing the news cycle down a little by breaking down the week's biggest stories with our own Complex News anchors Emily Oberg, Jinx, and Sean Evans.

This time around the group is joined by Niykee Heaton, whose successful music career was crafted by a meticulous work ethic. She candidly chats with the Complex News anchors about how sports stars are thirstier on social media when compared to rappers, how life after gaining a dedicated fan base hasn't changed her day-to-day activities, and how one of her main passions in life is food (and addresses some choice Instagram food pics). 

For last week's episode with Kelly Rowland, check out the post below.

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