Johnny Depp Peeling Off His Donald Trump Face Is the Stuff of Nightmares

Prepare to be creeped out.

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To remind us all of the terrifying (yet very real) possibility that Donald Trump, who calls people "pussy" on live TV and who advocates for killing terrorists with bullets dipped in pigs' blood, might become president of the United States, earlier this month Funny Or Die surprise-released Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie, a masterful biopic that immortalizes every detail of The Donald's life. And who should they choose to play Trump himself but malleable master actor Johnny Depp

Of course, to play the role Depp had to go from pallid tattooed Hollywood Vampire to burnt orange, bewigged, loudmouth politician. As you can imagine, this required a lot of makeup—so much that Depp was left with a silicone layer of the stuff over his own skin. Perhaps in acting like Trump he was beginning to think like Trump (Walls! Pigs' blood! Kill terrorists! Ban Muslims!), which would explain the eagerness with which he rips off the makeup and flips off the camera. Watching Depp reach for the corner of his eye, dig into his own "skin," and peel away layers of orange Trump is like watching a Donald Trump campaign speech: horrifying.

In the trailer for the film, it's easy to see how the makeup transforms Depp, making his every word and action more Trump-like.

Thank goodness he's back to his old cigarette-stealing self. (Funny Or Die's complete film is available here.)

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