Here's What Happened When Woody Harrelson Hosted "SNL"

Woody Harrelson hosted "Saturday Night Live" with musical guest Kendrick Lamar. Here are the best moments of the night.

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There was just enough of the Hunger Games cast on Saturday Night Live this week, as Woody Harrelson returned to host for the first time since the mid-90s, but got a little monologue boost from Jennifer Lawrence (who flubbed her line completely), Josh Hutherson and Liam Hemsworth

After a bit of an off week with Chris Rock, the show came back strong with Harrelson making fun of his own weed smoking and his True Detective co-star, but honestly, musical guest Kendrick Lamar might have stolen the whole thing this week. 

Here's the best of what happened:

1989 Monologue


Woody Harrelson wasted no time before making fun of his own drug use, which seems to have made the '80s (and the '90s, and the 2000s) a little bit hazy. 

New Marijuana Policy


Smokers have been celebrating since it was announced last week that you can carry a small amount of weed in NYC without getting arrested, but not everyone seems to understand the policy. This one's worth a watch just for Harrelson in a Rasta-colored hippie jacket and dreads, but the bewildered look on Leslie Jones' face steals it. 



This sketch seems to be going in one predictable direction, but takes an insane turn when Harrelson's game show host/ex-Marine throws out a serious curveball concerning a"horny" contestant. 

Weekend Update "True Detective"


We were really hoping Woody's True Detective co-star Matthew McConaughey might show up, but Taran Killam's McConaughey impersonation is probably slightly better than the real thing. 

Last Call


"You had me at when you didn't leave with the others."

Kendrick Lamar


He killed it. This was even better than his first time on the show. 

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