A Man Is Posting Live Updates on His Wife's Cheating to Reddit

A sad husband is posting live updates on his wife's cheating to Reddit - maybe.

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Thousands of people on Reddit are following the saga of a man going by MyLifeSuxNow who discovered his wife was cheating on him when he looked at her phone and found she'd been exchanging nudes with a mysterious man. 

But this guy didn't just confront his wife about the photos on her phone in the privacy of their home, he went on the subreddit r/TIFU (today I fucked up) to vent and ended up with a massive audience following his minute-by-minute updates on the whole situation. As of Saturday night at 10 p.m., it was still going, with the story separated into Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

By the way, that "situation" has gone down a serious rabbit hole that includes a private investigator, his brother, his sister-in-law, more mysterious strangers and a fierce comment debate over whether or not he should bang his wife again.  

A sampling: 

(5:15pm) 1/16/2015: Private Investigator hired to tail her Saturday, Sunday and Monday

(6:00pm) 1/16/2015: It took a while, but passwords to everything changed, backed up personal info, created throwaway email to send proof to.

(6:47pm) 1/16/2015: She's home, It really sucks speaking to her normally, but I'm dealing with it. No sex. Also, I've found 3 excellent divorce lawyers for myself. Luckily I make much more than her so I can afford an excellent lawyer while she can only afford a mediocre one at best.

(8:13pm) 1/16/2015: Hired a divorce lawyer (pricey) but he's known to do excellent work. I'm in good hands. It's tempting to have sex, my soon to be ex-wife is trying extra hard to seduce me tonight for some reason. She's either super horny or is trying to get me to have sex with her as a form of infidelity forgiveness.

(8:54pm) 1/16/2015: Goddammit she's on her phone texting again in the bathroom. I can hear the send button being pressed over and over. It's probably nudes and sexy talk. Jeesus this hurts.

(9:55pm) 1/16/2015: She went to bed, I'm sitting here watching TV on my laptop. She's trying to initiate sex, I of course have to decline. I went to have sex with her but I'll control myself. Despite what she did being unforgivable, she's still beautiful on the outside.

(10:17pm) 1/16/2015: Heading to bed, I'll update some more tomorrow after getting up. I cannot stress how thankful I am for all this positive support. It means a lot to me. But, no matter what, it'll take many months or even a year or two to get over this shitty situation. I hate to say it but she's pretty on the outside. She's just fucked up on the inside.

And it's leading to inspirational comments like the one below:


Let's just  say, if this does turn out to be bullshit, this guy has a future as a fiction writer. 

[Via Daily Dot]

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