Barack Obama Talks 'The Wire' With David Simon

Barack Obama sat down for a conversation about drugs in America with the creator of one of the best drug stories of all time, HBO's series "The Wire."

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President Barack Obama, it turns out, is a superfan of HBO's classic drug-game drama The WireSo much so, that you can literally see the most powerful man in the free world leaning on the edge of his seat to hear what series creator and head writer David Simon has to say about it. 

The president sat down with Simon for a conversation (released by the White House) and used the show as a jumping off point for discussing the real-life problems with street-level enforcement of drug prohibition, America's mass incarceration of non-violent offenders and the long, unwinnable "war on drugs."

Oh, and Omar is totally his favorite character. Same, Mr. President, same. 


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