Anna Paquin Will Be Spliced Back Into "X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Anna Paquin's Rogue scenes will be edited back into "X-Men: Days of Future Past" when it comes out on DVD and Bluray.

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In yet another victory for people who like to see movies the way that professional Hollywood directors and editors obviously hated them, Anna Paquin's missing scenes from X-Men: Days of Future Past are being edited back into the film. 

Variety reports that the "Rogue Cut" of the movie will include more than 10 minutes of extra footage. Except for a few moments at the end, Paquin's scenes were cut out of the film to keep the plot moving.  

A day after explaining that a bunch of the old mutants might get recast in the next X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse, screenwriter Simon Kinberg talked about the cut Rogue scenes:

“It’s a big chunk, a substantial part of the movie,” Kinberg said of Paquin’s storyline as Rogue. “We want to give (fans) the fullest picture of the film — behind the camera, and in front of it,” with the “Rogue Cut” and provide “more of the process we went through” to make the film.

“Every movie has scenes that are cut out, but not every movie has scenes cut out with such a beloved character,” Kinberg added.

The "Rogue Cut" will come out some time in 2015, although Days of Future Past comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on Oct. 14. 

[Via Variety]


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