Steve-O Describes His Failed Attempt at Pranking Justin Bieber by Dressing as Undercover Clown

Steve-O talks about the time he tried to prank Justin Bieber while dressed up as an undercover clown.

On the latest episode of First We Feast’s Hot Ones, Steve-O joins host Sean Evans to tell all kinds of insane stories about things he’s done throughout the course of his life and career. One of the most interesting stories comes when he talks about the time he tried to prank Justin Bieber while dressed as an undercover clown in 2014.

According to Steve-O, he was paid to put together a video that featured him dressed up in full clown makeup, walking around and talking to people in Venice Beach, California. During filming, he just so happened to come across Bieber, who was not scheduled to be in the video. Obviously, Steve-O couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to try and prank Bieber as part of his video, so he ran up on Bieber and said hi, fully expecting him to either ignore him or tell him to leave him alone. But somehow, Bieber knew it was him within just seconds.

"It wasn’t actually planned," Steve-O said on Hot Ones. "We were out in clown makeup filming in Venice, just pranking people and doing all this crazy shit, and lo and behold, that’s Justin Bieber, just plain as day walking. I went up to him and said, 'Yo, dude, what’s up, man?' And he goes, 'Steve-O, man, I recognized you right away.' And I’m like, 'Wow, hey, dude.'"

After that, Steve-O and Bieber spent some time skating together and Bieber even signed a release form allowing Steve-O to use the footage of him in the video he filmed. But as fate would have it, Bieber experienced a pretty major controversy at around the same time the video was released. As Steve-O explained on Hot Ones, it actually led to the company that commissioned him for the video asking him to take it down.

You can hear Steve-O talk about his Bieber prank in the clip above, and check out his full Hot Ones appearance below:

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