Chillary Clinton Dabs on 'Ellen' Because Nothing Is Sacred

A key move for any presidential candidate.

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Ellen DeGeneres has a knack for persuading people of all ages to do embarrassing things on television for all the world to gawk at. There was that time lit Bernie Sanders did a little Elaine Benes dance while joining her on stage and that other time when Hillary Clinton learned how to Whip and Nae Nae​. Ellen invited the latter back to The Ellen DeGeneres Show​ to further appropriate fixtures of pop culture in between campaigning to run a country, and this time around Chillary learned how to dab.

In a bizarre exchange with Stephen "tWitch" Boss during which he taught her how to mimic signing a bill (?), we watched the former Secretary of State flex her best dab (it was pretty good tbh). She can now add the move to her repertoire of brushing off her shoulder, whip and nae nae-ing and whatever other stranger than fiction dance moves presidential candidates are attempting to win us over with.

This is one of those videos you really only need to watch once.

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