Charles Manson's Marriage License Expires, But He Still Wants to Impregnate the Bride-to-Be

90 days sure can fly by, especially during (The Manson) Family holidays.

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Star Burton, 27, who is engaged to master manipulator-of-murder, Charles Manson, 80, was recently spotted shopping for white satin fabric, leading fanatics to assume that the couple were set to be married last weekend. But perhaps it was misguided to assume that the woman who'd marry Manson would go with traditional white fabric, because: Manson's marriage license has expired at Corcoran State Prison.

Manson received the license on November 7; the license to lock down that dreamy catch only lasts 90 days, and the ceremony could only be performed on a weekend, or a holiday. This Thursday, February 5, is when his license expires—which is neither a holiday or a weekend. So that passed. No word if he was left standing at the altar. Just that a Manson wedding didn't take place. But 90 days sure can fly by, especially during (The Manson) Family holidays.

However, Manson watchers should know that in a Rolling Stone interview that profiled their (now) seven-year relationship (Burton began writing to him as a teenager, and then moved to Corcoran to be nearby), Manson doesn't view himself as a guy who can get tied down by society's paperwork. When asked about marriage, Manson told the reporter, "That's a bunch of garbage. You know that, man. That's trash. We're just playing that for public consumption."

We were duped.

But according to Manson's son, Matthew Roberts, his father wants another child, and is trying to figure out how to smuggle his semen to impregnate Burton.  "[He] wants to raise a child with more of his own ideas," Roberts told Daily Mail. "He is starting to think about how he wants his legacy to be left once he’s gone." Manson is allowed contact visits, but—even if married—he wouldn't be allowed conjugal visits.

Before other women-attracted-to-convicts start lining up to receive his wedding band and semen, The Los Angeles Times reports that a New York photographer, who says he maintains regular contact with Burton, said that Burton planned on applying for another 90-day license. And Burton's Facebook profile's relationship status is still listed as "engaged."

Maybe she just didn't find the right fabric. 


Manson was convicted for nine murders carried out by his followers in 1969 and is serving a life sentence. 

[via I Thee Dread/The Daily Mail]

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