How Texas Artist Sam Lao Wove Her Own Destiny

Sam Lao is an artist that doesn't allow society to dictate her path. Driven to draw outside the lines, Lao explains how she stitched her future together.

Sam Lao is a multidisciplinary artist who doesn’t let society dictate her path. Growing up, she didn’t know anyone with a successful or respectable career as an artist. Instead, she thought art was just “a hobby or something people did on the side.” But as a creative child at heart, what she thought she knew didn’t stop her from honing her craft alongside her friends at recess. Lao admits her line to becoming an artist has never been straight, but no creative process is. She has turned her profession on the playground into a lucrative calling that allows her to express herself in any way she sees fit, which, for the Dallas, Texas native, includes murals and the stories she brings to life through rug tufting. 

Now partnered with Ford, to highlight one of the art world’s roads less traveled, Lao explains the road to following your passion isn’t easy, but being tough doesn’t mean it is—it means you’re strong, able to evolve, adaptable, and believe in your work. Because if you don’t then who else will? 

So if you need some motivation to follow your dream, just channel your inner Sam Lao—because she’s not just from Texas, she’s a bonafide dreamweaver. 

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