Lil Baby & AXE Team Up to Create the Ultimate Drip Kit: The Limited Edition 'WHAXE Pack'

Check Out All the Goods From Lil Baby's AXE 'WHAXE Pack' Collaboration, Including Deodorant, Body Wash, Rings, a Toothbrush, and Much, Much More.

Lil Baby x AXE WHAXE Pack Collaboration Header Image
Image via Lil Baby x AXE
Lil Baby x AXE WHAXE Pack Collaboration Header Image

Showing off your drip starts with feeling fresh and smelling irresistible. Everybody has their own look, and whether it’s crispy or vintage-inspired grunge, we use our grooming rituals as the foundation for building a nice fit.

Lil Baby x AXE WHAXE Pack Collaboration Package

For Lil Baby, those grooming rituals start with AXE. He relies on products like the AXE Apollo to stay fly on the road. AXE products are so important to Lil Baby, he actually includes them as must-haves in every rider for his shows. Moreso, Baby recently linked with AXE to make his relationship with the company official, with a cameo in the brand’s latest creative.

He even recorded a new TikTok to give away some WHAXE Packs in the #WHAXEPackChallenge #sweepstakes. You can peep that clip below. 


Giving out WHAXE packs to some 🔥 duet verses. For your chance to win: follow axe and duet this video using #WHAXEPackChallenge and #sweepstakes

♬ original sound - AXE


Lil Baby x AXE WHAXE Pack Collaboration

To kick things off, the two will be collaborating on some special, limited-edition AXE products. Playing off of Baby’s nickname, ‘WHAM’, and AXE’s nickname on social, ‘WXE,’ the pairing have created the WHAXE Pack: a chain with a stick of Axe Apollo deodorant hanging like a medallion (whose custom packaging also includes a miniature 3d printed chain), a bottle of AXE Apollo body wash, covered in clusters of diamonds shaped like clouds of bubbles, and a diamond encrusted four-finger ring that reads ‘WHAXE.’

Lil Baby x AXE WHAXE Pack Collaboration Stick

The pack’s coup de grace is the toothbrush that comes with it—Baby is obsessive about keeping his jewelry spotless, and uses a toothbrush to go “All In” to keep things fresh. And let’s face it: even if you don’t have a ton of jewelry to keep shiny, you’ve definitely got a cooked pair of sneakers that the brush could help bring back to life.

Lil Baby x AXE WHAXE Pack Collaboration Toothbrush

The Atlanta rapper’s commitment to freshness also extends to the community: he recently made headlines for renting out a mall in his hometown to throw a back-to-school festival that provided free haircuts, backpacks, and other school supplies to youth in the community.

Lil Baby x AXE WHAXE Pack Collaboration Shower Gel

That said, no matter how crazy the world gets, Baby doesn’t walk into an endorsement lightly: “I only do deals that feel authentic to me,” he says. “Being an AXE user myself, coming up with this collaboration for WHAXE Pack was a natural move.”

For info on how you can get your hands on the freshest collab of all time, keep an eye on the @AXE Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook pages.


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