Kemba Walker and Speedy Morman Face Off in the Gamer’s Den

Kemba Walker is a four-time professional All-Star, who knows his way around the paint, but do you think he's got can beat Speedy Morman on the sticks?

Kemba Walker is a college basketball champion and four-time professional All-Star, but when the point guard isn’t on the court, you can catch him as a low-key gamer going to his PlayStation®5 console to relax and unwind. A born competitor, Kemba never backs down from a little competition, even when he’s in chill mode. That’s why Complex recently linked its own Speedy Morman to go one-on-one against Cardiac Kemba on the digital basketball court.

Though Kemba isn’t a “serious gamer,” the casual time he’s put in the controller helped him dominate Speedy on the sticks. But he couldn’t have kept his head in the game if he wasn’t hydrating properly. Luckily, Kemba and Speedy had BODYARMOR Sports Drinks on hand to keep them hydrated without any artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes to keep the guys operating at peak performance. And in this case, Kemba finished on top, beating Speedy 22-17 on the hardwood. Though the basketball star claims his virtual win was just luck, we know what really got him through!

PlayStation®5 console and DualSense™ wireless controller provided courtesy of PlayStation.

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