Ford Bronco's ‘Challenge Accepted’ Explores The Great Outdoors with Tyrhee Moore

Watch avid outdoorsmen Tyrhee Moore use the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and recalibrate while enjoying nature.

Tyrhee Moore remembers the exact moment he was introduced to the great outdoors. As a kid growing up in D.C, he attended summer camp in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, which was a stark contrast from his inner-city experience. “It completely blew my mind and opened up the world for me,” Moore says. “It showed me there was so much out there to take advantage of.”

Moore’s time in Wyoming would later help inspire him to create Soul Trek, a D.C.-based nonprofit that aims to give communities of color the same experiences he had connecting with nature. To drive that message home, Moore and his mother Aretha, escaped the city with the help of the 2022 Ford Bronco Sport for Challenge Accepted, an adventure-driven initiative to inspire people to seek out new terrains.

Sitting passenger in the spacious SUV, Aretha admitted that she assumed her son’s love for nature would be temporary. “In the beginning, I just thought this was something Tyrhee was just going to try,” she reflects. “[Now] Tyrhee has been my motivation to get out and move.”

For Tyrhee, having his mom by his side during his hikes helps give him that extra motivation when he starts to lag. “Sometimes all it takes is to look over to someone else to give you that extra push,” Moore says.

Having a friend or loved one with you while you take in fresh air, hike new trails or simply get some sun, are just some of the benefits of getting outside and out of your environment. Tyrhee and his mother, with the help of the 2022 Ford Bronco accepted the challenge and continue to reap the physical and mental health benefits because of it.

Itching to explore the outdoors? Check out how Tyrhee and his mom embrace the beauty of nature in the first of a two-part Challenge Accepted series.

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