Oculus Takes a Huge Step Forward in VR With the All-In-One Quest 2

Facebook released its most advanced all-in-one VR system, Oculus Quest 2, an immersive gaming system that make virtual worlds come to life in living color.

Facebook Oculus Lead

Image via Oculus from Facebook

Facebook Oculus Lead

For decades, thrill seekers have turned to games for excitement that couldn’t be experienced in real life—from living out their dreams on the basketball court and prepping for epic space battles to leveling up on loadouts with the squad. Our love of games taps into that part of us that wants to push reality as far as possible—not only to its limits, but beyond.

Oculus from Facebook has stepped up with a new virtual reality system that makes that more possible than ever before. For hardcore adventures and casual explores alike, there’s a new reason to rejoice because Quest 2 is here.

Oculus Quest 2 Facebook 2

The Quest 2 is an immersive VR gaming system built entirely around the player. The headset adapts to your motions and gestures, allowing you to move effortlessly through virtual environments. That freedom helps you get the most out of awe-inspiring games across the all-in-one library, especially since the display features 50% more pixels than the original Quest. You don’t even need a PC. Just put on the headset, pick up the controllers, and step into any world you choose.

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The price point of the base model is $100 lower than the original Quest, which makes VR more accessible to more gamers. Despite that, Quest 2 also comes with many upgrades, including a faster processor, lighter overall weight and easy setup. Whether you’re a die-hard gamer or a first-time player, you’ll have the power to put your skills to the test, challenge your friends, or simply kick back in your own virtual arena. You can even grab the best seats in the house to live VR concerts no matter where you are.

Present and future generations are no longer bound to conventional gaming. It’s game on in a new dimension with Oculus Quest 2.

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