Meet Eric Sze Chef & Owner of 886 & Wenwen

Chef Eric Sze Founded 886 and Wenwen in NYC to Bridge the Gap Between His Family's History in Taiwan and the West, Cooking Up Taiwanese Food to Hungry Fans

Eric Sze is a chef on a mission. Born and raised in Taiwan, he now makes New York his home. Sze’s the chef and owner of restaurants 886 and Wenwen, places he founded to further his mission of using Taiwanesse food to build bridges between his current life in the West and his family’s history in the East. That sounds like a big job, but as a chef and founder who left his home to create a new life in NYC, Sze is used to rising to the moment, no matter how big that moment may be. To see how he does it all, check out the clip above, where you can catch him tending to both of his restaurants and hitting up his favorite Brooklyn butcher shop behind the wheel of the new Lexus LX F SPORT Handling.

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